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The platform model

SG:certified unites Operators, Experts, Auditors, and Regulatory Bodies in a
commitment to safer, sustainable gambling. Our platform ensures efficiency,
compliance, and high standards across the industry, as illustrated in our model below.

Meet requirements, enhance operational efficiency, submit certifications and licences straight from your dashboard.
Efficiently manage and support multiple clients. Scale up your support operations.
Perform in-depth assessments of certifications, industry standards, and licenses. Scale up your audit function.
Regulatory & Trade bodies
Help you ensure that your licensees are in-line with the requirements you have set, including licence terms, standards, certifications. Keep track of operators efficiently from your dashboard.


How SG:certified works

Empowering the gambling industry with compliance and sustainability solutions
Discover how our certification platform helps operators, auditors, regulators, and experts achieve their compliance and sustainability goals in the gambling industry.
Certification platform
Need help obtaining a certification? We create a bespoke Compliance Blueprint to help you achieve your goals in record time.
Industry expertise
We have a network of vetted industry experts here to assist and ensure your business succeeds in it’s mission.
Compliance blueprint
Easily follow rules and regulations with our simple Compliance Blueprint, making sure your business stays on track.
Revolutionising the industry
Empower your team's growth instantly with our proven training modules, ranging from expert workshops to eLearning solutions that guarantee immediate impact.
Game-changer in compliance
Transform your journey with our self-guided assessment and personalised plan builder. We're reshaping the game, making a positive impact every step of the way.
Driving Success in the Gambling Industry
Our certification platform has helped operators, auditors, regulatory bodies, and experts achieve their compliance and sustainability goals in the gambling industry.
Our platform is revolutionising safer gambling and compliance globally. Operating in over 35 countries, we emphasise innovative solutions and responsible practices. We're dedicated to fostering collaboration and maintaining high quality standards for a sustainable gambling industry.
Success rate
Our success in certifications is a testament to our commitment to choosing partners and operators who prioritise doing things right. At the heart of our mission is ensuring our clients' success, with a focus on making a positive impact. Discover what distinguishes us and contributes to our perfect success record.
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Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say

“With the assistance of SG:certified’s integrated approach, EveryMatrix achieved certification in an unprecedented timeframe. Through the use of the platform’s comprehensive toolkit, EveryMatrix fortified its Environmental, Social and Governance policy.”
Operators support
As an auditor, I've found SG:certified to be instrumental in fostering not just compliance, but meaningful change in the gaming industry. Its holistic approach goes beyond ticking boxes, guiding businesses towards greater responsibility and positive societal impact." - Ana Camilo, Independent Auditor
Auditors Support
Certify your gambling operations
Join our certification platform to ensure compliance and sustainability in your gambling operations.
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