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Our track record speaks for itself. We make obtaining certifications a breeze.


Empowering operators with
compliance and sustainability

Our certification platform helps operators, auditors, regulatory bodies, and experts achieve their gambling
compliance and sustainability goals. With our comprehensive features and benefits, you can ensure a responsible
and sustainable gambling environment.
Easy to use
Streamline your compliance processes and simplify your sustainability initiatives with our platform.
Save time and resources by automating compliance tasks
and streamlining your reporting process.
Cover all aspects of gambling compliance and sustainability with our extensive range of relevant features, training and resources.
Provide access to your team with the eLearning, in-person training and expert knowledge they need to be successful.
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Compliance Blueprint
Navigate regulatory landscapes effortlessly with our Compliance Blueprint, ensuring your business stays on the path of seamless adherence.
All certification types
From Safer Gambling, Sustainability to licence applications, SG:certified aims to cover all your requirements in one centralised system. Giving you a view to your progress and risks.
Progress and learning dashboard
Keep track of your progress against regulatory requirements as well as voluntary certifications and standards. Make your team and your Board feel at ease with compliance.
Certify your gambling operations

Operators: Join our certification platform to ensure compliance and sustainability in your gambling operations.

Experts and Auditors: Get access to all the resources needed to deliver support and audits at scale, efficiently and with quality.

Trade Bodies and Regulators: Track that your members are in line with the requirements they need to follow, to protect your own reputation and ensure compliance.

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