Simo Dragicevic & the RG landscape

By Vanessa Jones
December 13, 2022
1 min read

Simo Dragicevic, ex founder of BetBuddy, drew up a landscape of the RG space. Find out more about the various providers on this link: It's no surprise that SG:certified is featured prominently with a mention in the article: "Compliance is becoming more complex and less 'unsexy'
With the growth in legalised gambling across multiple US states it seems logical that such solutions would be developed to manage the complexity of each state's requirements, and we are even seeing these types of solutions being applied to operators requiring to manage multiple accreditation schemes (see SG Certified) e.g., if you are a major UK operator that is now operating in Ontario, you are likely to be accredited by both the Safer Gambling Standard (GamCare) and RG Check (RGC). "

We should also have been mentioned under Sports Integrity, Training and Consulting but we'll give a pass to Simo... this was a brilliant work from him and this will surely be updated too.