The value of regulation in gambling

By Vanessa Simpson
1 min read

We talk a lot about our work with global gambling regulators and operators as part of the effort to build a safer, more sustainable gambling industry. And we’re proud of what we do at SG:certified. But why does regulation even matter? What’s the point of all the rules and restrictions? Does regulation actually make gambling safer for customers?

At its core, regulation is simply about oversight and accountability. Good gambling regulation protects customers by:

  • Certifying the randomness and integrity of game mechanisms
  • Shielding their funds against operator fraud
  • Verifying their age and identity
  • Ensuring they have access to deposit and play limits
  • Punishing operators who fail to follow the rules


Choosing a gambling website to patronise really comes down to your personal preferences and your own internal moralities, but it’s certainly worth considering the benefits of regulation and, conversely, the many hidden perils of unregulated gambling.

We shared our perspective here: