Make the industry sustainable with SG:certified

By Vanessa Jones
2 min read

Get the assessments, training, tools, and benchmarks from SG:certified to help you comply and improve sustainability in your industry. Our platform provides one-stop access to expert content and resources for regulators, trade bodies, operators, auditors and b2b providers.
Unlock the power of a sustainable industry. 
With SG:certified, you can access the expertise and resources you need to make your industry sustainable. Find assessments, training materials, tools, benchmarks, and more - all in one place. Become a leader in compliance, sustainability, safer gambling, AML and more with SG:certified!

Ensure compliance and sustainability.
Get the assurance you need to meet legal standards and industry regulations with our assessments of companies practices against licences or standards. With SG:certified, you can ensure compliance, sustainability and safer gambling in your business operations.

Achieve industry-wide sustainability.
From compliance to safer gambling, SG:certified helps you get the training and resources you need to improve your operations and achieve industry-wide sustainability. Get access to expert content and resources from our platform, as well as hosts and sells other experts’ resources – all in one place.

Unlock better performance with benchmarks.
 Do you want to set standards that incentivize the industry to do better? SG:certified provides the resources and benchmarks you need to reach your sustainability goals. Easily access expert content, assessments, training and tools—all in one spot. Unlock exceptional performance today.
Make your business more sustainable with SG:certified.
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