New ideas from behavioural science

By Vanessa Jones
February 23, 2023
1 min read

Summary Keywords: 
people, gambling, operators, limits, kindred, suppose, customer, industry, bit, point, research, spend, account, behavioural insights team, sally, insights, design, money, deposit, data.

Very Short Summary: 

The conversation covered various aspects of responsible gambling practices in the gambling industry. The speakers discussed the need for effective changes in the industry, the importance of research and stakeholder buy-in in companies like Kindred. The discussion also included examples of lower-risk, sustainable, and proactive consumer well-being practices, and the missing aspects in notifications. The speaker suggested that responsible gambling should not be used as a form of reputation and judgment. The discussion covered topics like the right time to intervene and the setting of automatic triggers, and the importance of getting the right feedback. The conversation concluded by offering suggestions on how to apply these principles to a business.

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